History of Bahusia

King Harald Fairhair made Bahusia also known as Bohus, part of the unified Norway in about 872, but contemporary sources give rise to doubt that Harald actually ever held the Viken area properly. The earliest proof of Bohus lands being in Norway’s hands is from the 11th century.

As long as Norway was a kingdom of its own, the province prospered, and Bohus castle was one of the key fortresses of the kingdom. When Norway was united with Denmark, the province began its decline in wealth; the area was frequently attacked by Swedish forces as part of the larger border skirmishes. The Norwegian fortress, Bohus, was built to protect this territory. Being a border zone towards the Swedish kingdom, and to a lesser extent against Danish lands in Halland, the Bohus region was disproportionately populated by soldier families.

Bohus belonged to Denmark-Norway until it was ceded to Sweden in the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658.

The Swedes have held control of the rocky terrain of Bahusia for about 350 years, since conquered from the Danes and Norwegians. Will the Norwegians and the Danes have the skills to challenge the Swedes for supremacy in 2017?

The Shield of Bahusia

The Shield of Bahusia


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